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Lili levi
Lili levi said:

Thank you so much! I adore your shoes (:

תודה רבה לכם! אני מעריצה את הנעליים שלכם :)

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Roni said:

Best shoes in my closet. Gets compliments every single time. Comfortable for work and elegant enough for pleasure ;-)

הנעליים הטובות היותר בארון שלי. אני מקבלת מחמאות כל פ (read more)...

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Amit said:

These are my most important pair because they are my first Liebling shoes! Summer or Winter it doesn't matter- I wear them all the time!

זה הזוג החשוב ביותר שלי מכיוון שהוא הזוג (read more)...

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Ira said:

Every time a new collection is coming out i'm curious and restless to see the colorful creation. The aesthetic and creativity that invested in every shoe plus the comfort, make me feel like the shoes made especially for me (: (read more)...

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Einat Bar Lev
Einat Bar Lev said:

Loved them so much had to have them in red ;-)

אוהבת אותם כל כך, הייתי חייבת אותם באדום ;)

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Orly Golan
Orly Golan said:

Before I Moved to Switzerland I had to choose only one Boots to take with me and I chose this one. I don't regret for a second! they are so comfortable and stylish!

לפני שעברתי לשוויץ הייתי ח (read more)...

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Ayala Berger
Ayala Berger said:

I love them!! Just what I was looking for. Elegant black sandal for special occasions.

אני אוהבת אותם! בדיוק שחיפשתי. סנדל אלגנטי שחור לארועים מיוחדים.

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